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At long last the hotels in Britain can shake off the Fawlty Towers image, as TripAdvisor reports a significant improvement in standards. The travel website studied reviews of UK hotels which had been written over a period of eight years. The latest research helps to dispel myths ofdull and unwelcoming British hotels, which are often compared to the fictional hotel in Torquay, Fawlty Towers. The experience of travellers has been documented over the last eight years on the TripAdvisor website, only to show a huge improvement which is far removed from the service provided by Basil Fawlty.

The average rating of British hotels is now 4.09 out of a possible five, which is a huge improvement on the ratings in 2004 of 3.48. Hotel standards in the UK are now higher than the average ratings worldwide, including Spain, France, Germany and the US. Improved conditions in hotels, which include standards of cleanliness and better service are thought to be the reason for the ratings rise. The president of TripAdvisor for business, Christine Peterson said:

“Hotel and B&B owners have clearly been listening to the feedback they have received, and used it to improve the service they provide.”

The county with the highest rating in Britain is Cumbria, with an average of 4.3. Although Fawlty Towers may not have depicted the very best of British hotels, it has been a firm favourite of the British public and viewers around the world since the comedy show was first aired in the seventies.

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