Fawlty Towers style hotel flooded with booking enquiries

A hotel in Torquay which has featured on a Channel 4 documentary ‘The Hotel’, has been inundated with hits on its website and flooded with booking enquiries. According to Mark Jenkins, the manager of The Grosvenor Hotel, the hotel website now receives around 50,000 hits each day in comparison to the previous 100 per day prior to the C4 documentary.

This development may seem perfectly normal for a hotel which has received some publicity, but the hotel in question is managed in a style which is unique and experiences daily disasters on a scale which is similar to episodes of Fawlty Towers, one of the UK’s best-loved comedy shows. Mr Jenkins was televised in the second episode of the fly on the wall show as saying:

“The only people who stay in Torquay are the ones that aren’t clever enough to find the railway station.”

Following the screening of the first episode, hits on the website increased to around 30,000, and after the second episode the hits reached 55,000. People are rushing to book a stay in the hotel, with 24 wedding inquiries having been made.

Christmas at the hotel was also covered by the cameras, although the hotel has had some setbacks. Following the first episode, some of the wedding rooms had been double booked and the wedding co-ordinator didn’t show up. After this latest disastrous development, one couple actually phoned the hotel and cancelled their wedding.

According to Mark, he doesn’t have any regrets about making the programme, although the Fawlty Towers style manager is about to be interviewed on Spanish radio, and doesn’t speak the language. When the original Fawlty Towers was broadcast in Spain, Manuel (the bumbling waiter from Barcelona) was dubbed as having been from Italy, not Spain – so hopefully Mark won’t spoil the illusion for the Spanish fans of the show.

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