BBC ordered to speed up complaints procedure

Lord Patten, newly appointed chairman of the BBC Trust, has ordered that the company speed up its complaint procedures, making the process more transparent and easier to practice. Lord Patten stated that the company need to be much quicker when making apologies after getting things wrong, especially when offending the public. Although the scandal, which took place in 2008 involving Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross wasn’t specifically mentioned, his comments follow criticism of the way that the incident was handled.

Brand and Ross phoned the actor Andrew Sachs and left obscene messages regarding his granddaughter on the answer phone. The messages were broadcast on Radio 2. Following this incident, Brand and the station controller resigned, with Ross leaving the BBC in 2010. The House of Lords Communications Committee were told by Lord Patten:

“I can think of one or two events of some public controversy in recent years where, when things have been difficult, the chairman and/or the chief executive haven’t been seen for dust.”

He went on to say that they should be prepared to deal with criticism just as efficiently as when they are accepting praise. Apologising quickly when things do go wrong was also seen to be beneficial to the BBC.

Andrew Sachs played the role of Manuel, the Spanish waiter in Fawlty Towers. Viewers adored Manuel so much that organisers of corporate events often include a Fawlty Towers dinner show as entertainment for guests, who are familiar with the popular characters. A reputable company will only recruit actors who accurately portray the characters.

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