Amateur theatre company takes on Fawlty Towers

Amateur theatre company, the Pantiles Players performed their own interpretation of a selection of Fawlty Towers classic episodes at The Noah’s Ark open air theatre in Lurgashall. From Thursday 28th July to Saturday 30th July, the theatre company gave performances of episodes Basil the Rat and Communication Problems. They also put together a play consisting of elements from episodes Wedding Party and Touch of Class.

The theatre company were originally formed in 1942 to provide entertainment during the war time. Based in Tunbridge Wells, the performers have entertained in various locations over the years. Fawlty Towers was their latest challenge, as it’s one of the most popular British comedy shows which is just as popular today as it was in the seventies, the decade that it was created. John Cleese and Connie Booth, his wife at that time, wrote the episodes together, with little realisation of just how popular the show would be.

Sandra Barfield, the director of the Pantiles Players travelled with the performers to Lurgashall, hoping that they would enjoy the same success as last year, when performing their version of Jeeves. According to the director, the actors were looking forward to playing the characters in Fawlty Towers, as they are familiar with Basil and Sybil, understanding their relationship and characters.

The actors did not simply copy the episodes of Fawlty Towers, but instead put their own interpretation and personality into the performance. The director was aware that there are some things that the theatre company wouldn’t be able to get away with, especially concerning one of the most respected comedy shows in Britain.

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